In the majority of our African families, the issue of sexuality among young adolescents is and remains a taboo subject that brings embarrassment, which we should not talk.

For many parents, talking about it with their child would kind of encourage them to venture out and for the child it is very embarrassing to bring up such a subject with their parent.

Today we are putting this theme on the table because many young boys and girls face problems of managing their sexuality because they do not know who to talk to, who to turn to for advice and to be understood. It is precisely this kind of situation that we try to abolish by cultivating “communication between parents and children“.

The parent is naturally the best counselor and psychologist for their child because they have bonds with them that no one else could have.

Nowadays, many young girls and boys find themselves no longer being very focused on their studies or turning away from their goals because they let themselves be dominated by their sexual impulses; young girls face early pregnancies or in the worst case, sexually transmitted diseases, murders orchestrated by their spouses … out of naivety or because they are not advised.

     • Dear parents, I appeal to your paternal and maternal side, be psychologists for your children; abolish in them this secretive side of their sexuality.

N.B: Take them in private, ask them questions and approach the subject in the softest possible way, don’t judge them, don’t bully but advisers.

     • Young girls / young boys, entrust yourselves fearlessly, perhaps not necessarily in your parents if you wish, but go to those you trust. Your sexuality is not a crime let alone a taboo but a subject worth discussing.

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