Today, there are around 6,500 languages ​​worldwide. Despite this plurality, we notice that special attention is paid to learning the English language. This rather peculiar phenomenon arouses all our curiosity and we come to ask ourselves: Why English in particular? What strengths differentiate it from other languages?

          1- It is very important to point out that English is the official language of 53 countries; that’s more than a quarter of the world’s countries. Also, it is spoken as a first language by around 400 million people.

This ranking thus raises the English language to the rank of “Most spoken language in the world”.

We also note that in several countries around the world, the status of “Second Language” has been assigned to English.

          2- English is an excellent means of communication. Because it is the second language for a good number of States, it is the appropriate means of backup in a case of communication where the interveners are from two different countries and therefore do not share the same official language. The collaborative relationships between countries around the world are the perfect prototype for demonstration. Two countries like Cameroon and China, for example, maintain relations and carry out exchanges although they do not share the same official language through English which serves as their means of communication.

          3- English opens the doors to the world and makes your trip more accessible because wherever you go you will be understood.

          4- English gives you access to all types of information because it has become the “language of the Internet”: more than half of the content on the Internet is also in English, you no longer have any limit on research. some information.

Once the countless surprises in learning the English language have been brought to light, the fundamental question is that of learning it. To learn English effectively, the right and most important attitude is to rid your mind of “It is God who gives” and “I want it so I can”.

Once you are ready to learn, here are the tips:

• Find an environment conducive to your learning and which puts you in permanent contact with English.

     1- Find English speaking friends. Interact with them in English, make mistakes, expect to be laughed at. However, do not give up in front of the teasing, persevere over and over in correcting yourself. This is how you will learn.

     2- Document yourself. Look for books in English on topics you are passionate about. Read them constantly with the help of a dictionary.

     3- Set your electronic devices in English language. This will enrich your vocabulary and immediately familiarize you with telephone vocabulary.

     4- Download an English dictionary or get one that is manual so that you can be fairly equipped if during a conversation a word escapes you.

     5- Work tirelessly on your grammar, your conjugation, your vocabulary, your reading, your writing and especially your speaking. Do not neglect any aspect of the language that is part of your learning.

          NB: Remember that the language is spoken more than it is written. “Practice makes Perfect”.

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