Analyst Programmer

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The programmer analyst is a person who makes software based on specifications. He uses computer languages ​​and designs lines of code. He can also adapt standard computer programs, and possibly supervise several programs at the same time. Thus, his job is to develop and improve computer programs or to adapt standards to customer specificities, to design and develop a computer application, in other words, transcribing a need into a computer solution written in a computer language.Before each execution, the programmer analyst defines the users’ needs, their obligations and their disagreements so that he can then best meet the request . His position also allows him to decipher the specifications of the project if there are any or to participate in its drafting. This is a crucial step since he must both meet the needs of the customer while designing an IT system that will support him in the evolution of his activities. It is indeed a design profession consisting in functionally translating a customer’s need and in proposing computer modeling.