Assistant in Dental Laboratories

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The assistant in dental laboratories helps dental technologists and technicians with dentures and other dental appliances. You could work in a dental lab. You don’t work directly with patients. The denturist works directly with patients, but you must be licensed to work as a denturist in Ontario. You could also use the title of denture moulder / molder, denture finisher / finisher, dental technician Usually, the assistant in dental laboratories: Prepares bite wax and trays that are used to take the impressions of the patient’s teeth Prepares plaster models and molds from dental impressions Fills molds with plastics or other materials for making dentures Cast gold or metal alloys for bridges, bases dentures and other dental appliances Wax molds onto denture baseplates to form the contour of artificial gums Polishes dentures to give them a natural finish