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The driving school instructor provides theoretical and practical, individual and group lessons. Its educational role is very important, thanks to it, the future driver acquires both knowledge and skills that will allow him to move without endangering his life or that of others. The instructor follows a program organized in several stages. In practice, the driving school instructor gives his lessons in a vehicle equipped with double controls (except for two-wheelers). He works most of the time in a real situation, that is to say in the middle of traffic. He teaches his students to acquire the right reflexes, self-control and mastery of the vehicle. Caution, vigilance and safety are its key words. Theoretical teaching of the highway code is the subject of collective and audiovisual lessons at the driving school headquarters. This course focuses on learning the rules of conduct and traffic signs. It also covers driver responsibility and road safety compliance. Most of the lessons take place in the evenings on weekdays or on Saturdays. In addition to irregular and busy schedules (from 9 to 10 hours a day), traffic jams make working conditions quite difficult. Like any teacher, the driving school instructor must show great patience and know how to put his students in touch. trust. Good physical and nervous resistance is therefore necessary.