Bacteriology Technician

A laboratory technician analyzes samples at the Phyto-sanitary laboratory  in Chișinau, Moldova. The laboratory conducts various mycology, bacteriology,  virology, herbology and nematology tests on agricultural projects grown in  Moldova. After these tests,

Person who performs various types of technical tests and biological analyzes in the laboratory, with a view to assisting specialists in biology (bacteriologists, microbiologists, zoologists, etc.) in their work of scientific research or of quality control of the water, soil or consumer products (food, pharmaceutical, industrial). She chooses and prepares equipment, collects specimens and cultures bacteria as well as laboratory tests to determine the effects of certain bacteria on different products or to verify the effectiveness of products intended to control them. She also participates in the compilation and analysis of the data collected, the development of biological research methods as well as the management of human and material resources. She must ensure the conservation of specimens and biological fluids in the laboratory and ensure that quality assurance and occupational health and safety programs are properly implemented.