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is the artisan who makes breads and other pastries. The bakery requires a good knowledge of the different stages of bread making: kneading, pointing, dividing, relaxing, shaping, dressing, baking and stripping. Although the method has not changed, the profession of pastry baker has evolved over time, in particular thanks to the modernization of tools: the range of pastries, viennoiseries and other special breads has greatly expanded, to meet a heterogeneous demand from customers always looking for new products. The daily duties of the pastry baker are as follows: Late at night or very early in the morning, he begins the production of products (breads, pastries, pastries). He is also likely to make new products to expand his offer and satisfy his customers.During the opening hours of the bakery, he can welcome, advise and collect customers.On his own account, the pastry baker must also: Sell his products. This sale usually starts early enough in the day to satisfy customers leaving for work. To take care of the management and accounting of their business.