Business Management Analyst

MODEC recruits a Business and Project Management Analyst - Offre d'emplois  et de stages au Sénégal

Person who acts as an expert or consultant in various types of companies with a view to improving their management methods at the organizational level (distribution of functions and tasks, hierarchy of levels of responsibility, administrative procedures, systems of classification of information) and increase the efficiency and profitability of their activities. In each case, she analyzes the organization of the company from different angles (personal observations, interviews with staff, study of the documentation), then she makes recommendations intended to solve the problems or lead to better long-term results. . She participates, in collaboration with management, in the implementation of new management methods and in the training of management personnel. She finds the causes of wasted time, money or energy that can affect the efficiency of the organization, and she proposes, if possible, solutions that are at the same time simple, realistic and inexpensive.