Butler Dans Le Smoking Et Gants Tenant Le Plateau Avec La Carte Vierge  Photo stock - Image du formel, plateau: 73267732

In a restaurant, hotel or private house, the butler is the person in charge of coordinating all the service staff. Wearing a black coat or a tuxedo, he is in charge of welcoming customers to the restaurant and coordinating table service, with the heads of the line under his command. The first butler is responsible for all the rooms of the restaurant; otherwise called restaurant manager. The head waiter is responsible for a single dining room. The head waiter is the person who greets customers on their arrival; he then sits them down at the table, hands them the menu and the wine list. He advises them on the choice of dishes and the daily suggestions and must know how to talk about them in detail. He is the knowledge holder in the eyes of clients1. He takes the order before giving way to the head waiter and the sommelier.