Category: Naval sector


The shipowner is the person who operates at his own expense one or more merchant or fishing vessels, which confers on him particular responsibilities, in particular towards his customers (shippers of goods, logisticians, other shipowners), his crews. , its suppliers (fuels, oils, water, supplies, ports, port terminals, pilots and tugs, various equipment,

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Fisheries Inspector

Person who controls the quality of fishery products during their processing in fish processing plants, cold stores and even fishing vessels, and who ensures the implementation of laws and regulations relating to the product quality and safety rules. She performs chemical and bacteriological analyzes in order to verify the nature and quality of the products

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Electronics Engineer in Naval Communications

Person who, as a member of the armed forces, takes charge of all interior and exterior communication equipment installed on board a ship or submarine (satellite communication systems, transmitters, receivers, intercoms, radio beacons, etc.). It maintains the equipment: electric clockwork system, recreational broadcasting system, magnetic tape devices, mobile

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