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The choreographer is literally the one who leads the dance.

He is a creative, seasoned dancer, whose mission is to invent steps, movements, in order to create dances for a dance performance, for the cinema, or other representation, artistic or not. The choreographer therefore focuses on his shoulders creating a dance that will be presented in front of an audience. To carry out this mission, he must perform several tasks: Upstream, he must carry out a lot of in-depth research on the project he is going to take care of. If it is about “Swan Lake”, he will have to learn about the legend from which the story is inspired, about the songwriter of the music, Tchaikovsky, about the different representations that have been made on this site. work, etc. If it is a choreography for a film, he must be knowledgeable about the film project in question. He must work on his references, his inspirations, to overflow with imagination and propose a new creation. He then composes his choreography: specific steps, movements, movements, figures, positioning of each dancer … Everything must be measured to the millimeter for different types of final results in a particular dance style or a mixture of genres: contemporary dance, couple dance , classical dance, ballet, ballroom dance, oriental dance, flamenco, hip-hop dance, traditional dances, Latin dances… He must also recruit the dancers who will have to perform the dance in question: casting to select the protagonists, tests, trials… He takes care of part of the logistics for the realization of the choreography: ordering of sets, costumes, specific materials, finding a place … He can also manage the administration such as the production costs of his choreographic work. He then moves on to carrying out the project as such. He then acts as a conductor and a dance teacher who assigns each person’s roles, sets an example and has the dancers rehearse until everything is perfect.