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The cook prepares the dishes presented on the menu. For this, he peels and slices the vegetables, empties, flames the poultry, prepares the meats, bakes the pie bases, simmers the sauces. The role of the head cook begins at the market where he determines the quantities to be purchased, negotiates the price and verifies the quality of the products. Some preparations are made in advance (assembly, frozen), others are home cooked, at the time of service. The dishes are presented with care. The cook shows a certain artistic sense: you eat first with your eyes. At the end of the service, you have to clean and put everything back in the kitchen. The cook works alone or in a team (brigade) under the responsibility of a chef. He is most often standing, in the heat without real contact with customers, except in very large restaurants or … in self-service restaurants. The organization in the kitchen is very hierarchical: clerk, cook, chef. party, kitchen assistant, chef.We must wear work clothes, pants, jacket and chef’s hat. Compliance with very strict hygiene rules is required.The cook can work in different types of businesses: restaurants (usually small), brasseries, caterers, community restaurants (schools, hospitals, company canteens, homes retirement), companies providing catering on board means of transport, holiday centers and villages … The artisanal character of the profession is only maintained if it operates within the framework of a traditional restaurant.