Customs Inspector

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Person who, at airports, ports and border crossings, verifies that goods brought back from abroad are admissible into the country under the Customs Act and that their nature and quantity comply with travelers’ declarations. It examines the goods and the related regulatory papers, issues or not the entry permit and collects, if applicable, taxes and customs duties. When it comes to trucks, planes, ships or other carriers, he inspects their load in order to control the nature and quantity of the imported goods and it collects the corresponding import duties. He takes care to avoid the entry into the country of illicit or undeclared goods and proceeds, in case of doubt, to a meticulous search of travelers, luggage or carriers. He can also confiscate goods the importation of which is prohibited or illegal into Canadian territory. Finally, while waiting for police officers, he can detain individuals who are suspected of having broken the law or the Criminal Code.