5 lessons this registered dietitian has learned after almost a decade in  practice

Person who guides individuals or communities of all ages in their food choices according to the principles of nutrition, with a view to promoting or restoring health through healthy eating. She can intervene in different sectors such as clinical nutrition, food service management or communication, teaching and research. Depending on its mandate, she can assess the eating behavior of its clients, consider their illnesses or restrictions (intolerances, food allergies, etc.), establish and apply a personalized nutritional treatment according to the objectives to be achieved, develop health services. ‘diet and clearly educate clients about prescribed diets. She also writes information materials and runs programs to educate people about the benefits of eating well. It may plan and organize research programs and evaluate new products, systems and programs with a view to improving or promoting them. She may also develop menus and oversee the sourcing, production and distribution of food and meals.