Director of Tourist Association

Moon Palace Jamaica's Managing Director, Clifton Reader, has been Appointed  as the New President for Jamaica's Hotel and Tourism Association -

Person who, as manager, plans, organizes, directs and controls marketing, information, training and representation activities in order to ensure the effectiveness of the association. She participates in the analysis of members’ needs, carries out and updates the marketing plan (advertising, production and distribution of promotional material, participation in trade fairs, etc.), represents the association with other sectoral associations, business communities or government bodies. She sees to it that the association’s policies, standards and procedures are followed and that the decisions of the board of directors are implemented. She manages the human, financial and material resources of the organization, takes part in management meetings, the drafting of annual reports, supervises projects (negotiation of contracts, preparation of bids, obtaining permits for major works and monitoring of projects. works). She resolves problems and handles complaints from customers or members.