Environmental Engineer

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The environmental engineer, also called an ecological engineer or QSE (quality, safety, environment) manager, is now a centerpiece of industrial strategies.The mission of the environmental engineer is a permanent big gap: he must enforce regulations on the pollution emitted by companies (waste, impact on air and water quality, nuisance and noise, etc.) while preserving their production and profitability. A challenge that makes him wear many hats. Depending on the case, the environmental engineer performs a preventive or corrective function, a research or awareness activity. He foresees and measures the impact of production methods on the environment and proposes adapted solutions to control the nuisances caused by them.As an expert, the ecological engineer is responsible for the conformity of the premises and the tools. production to the environmental standards in force. It makes concrete proposals to enhance the space and develop “clean” technologies. Communicating, the environmental engineer may also be responsible for educating staff on the fight against pollution and ensuring the interface between the company and specialized government agencies, environmental associations and regional offices of the ministries concerned.