Fashion Stylist

The benefits of Using and Locating a Fashion Stylist – Dont Walk Fashion

The stylist creates new collections for a fashion or ready-to-wear brand. He must anticipate by monitoring fashion trends and analyzing social phenomena. He also intervenes in the fields of marketing, sales and of technique. He works in close collaboration with the model maker who makes the prototypes and with the model mechanic. He can participate in control operations throughout the manufacturing process to assess the estimated cost price of the product. only an artist. Less than 20% of his working time is devoted to pure creation, the rest being, essentially, technical work and marketing.The stylist, often solitary creator, must also have the spirit of collective work and a strong personality to imposing his style.He knows the constraints of production techniques and the brand image of the house that employs him.During exhibitions and collections, physical and nervous resistance are imperative. 12-hour days are not uncommon; the stylist can be employed in a company or in a style office or work as a freelance.