Forensic Expert

Person who, as a general practitioner or other medical specialist, performs at the request of a court, an insurance company or the State (Société de l’assurance automobile, Commission de la santé et de occupational safety), the assessment of the physical or mental state of health of persons about whom a decision must be made on the basis of their state of health. To this end, she issues its opinion to inform the authorities concerned, such as a court, on the physical or psychological consequences suffered by a victim of a criminal act, accident or professional negligence, to justify the merits of a complaint. claim for compensation lodged by the victim or to settle an administrative employment dispute (preventive withdrawal, reinstatement in employment, sexual harassment, etc.). She must provide the applicant with an expert report in which it sets out the result of its assessment. She may also be called to testify in court or as part of a commission of inquiry.