Human Resources Director

Human Resources Specialist Job Description, Salary and Outlook - Business Administration Information




The function of director of human resources covers three main missions: first, personnel management. The HRD is responsible for defining and implementing a recruitment policy, promoting career management (mobility, assignments, training, etc.) and proposing a remuneration policy. Then, social management. He develops motivations by developing a business plan or different forms of employee participation (incentive). The human resources director, himself or his employees, implements the labor legislation in force and negotiates with staff representatives within representative bodies (works council, unions). Finally, internal communication. He guarantees the quality of the social climate by seeking staff support for the company’s objectives and by disseminating economic and social information related to these objectives. A man or woman of dialogue and listening, he must be able to reconcile different points of view and be an excellent negotiator. The conduct and animation of meetings hold no secrets for the HRD. Dealing with individual and collective conflicts is an important part of his business. Like all business executives, he travels a lot. In certain circumstances his schedules are elastic: great availability is essential. He is fluent in English, or even a second foreign language. Depending on the size and nature of the company, the HRD has more or less broad responsibilities, but always in close contact with the general management. In all cases, the HRD , even from a high school, can only access this post after a solid professional experience.