Industrial Engineer

Career in Industrial Engineering - Anubhay

The industrial engineer is a decision maker and can be qualified as a business architect. He is as interested in production systems, processes and services as in the people who work in them. His main motivation is to constantly better reconcile the human, economic and technological aspects of private or governmental organizations. He works to eliminate wasted time, money, material and energy. His goal is to improve efficiency and productivity (allow companies to be profitable), safety (improve working conditions) and quality (provide better service). to the organization and management of companies.In a production company, he will be able to design the production lines, the factory architecture and all the systems orchestrating the flow of products and information. as in the telecommunications, transport, banking, hospital or other sectors, he will be able to design business processes, organize functions and services, plan roles, establish shifts and distribute the tasks of each. He thus contributes directly to the management of companies by ensuring that all the required resources are used in an optimal way.