Industrial Mechanic

Industrial mechanic of the machine builder Niles-Simmons works in a Stock  Photo - Alamy

The industrial maintenance mechanic trade is part of the Industry domain.

In the industrial mechanic sector, the industrial maintenance mechanic plays an important role so that the company can continue to produce unceasingly. He is responsible for maintaining the company’s machinery and tools in order to avoid any breakdown that could affect performance. This preventive mission consists of regular maintenance, upgrading, adjustment and renovation of materials and equipment. He performs the cleaning of the parts and all the basic operations for the maintenance of the equipment. His knowledge of machines and their components allows him to anticipate anomalies and remedy them before failure. He also exerts a curative action by being able to detect the origin of a dysfunction, to assess its severity and to determine the time required for repair. During each intervention, he ensures compliance with safety rules and production constraints. He ensures that the equipment operates in accordance with safety, quality and environmental standards. He fills in the intervention follow-up documents and sends them to the appropriate service.