International Trade Administration Technician

International Trade Administration

Person who manages the import or export of goods on behalf of a company doing business abroad. In terms of exports, she receives and processes orders from wholesalers or retailers in other countries, organizes the transport of goods abroad, negotiates selling and transport prices, invoices customers and provides after-service. sale. She also takes care of promoting the company’s products or services abroad and finding new customers. In terms of imports, she receives and processes supply requests from the company, searches the international market for suppliers offering the most advantageous prices and delivery services and takes care of the formalities surrounding the receipt of goods. (customs clearance, verification and local transport of goods, verification of goods received, payment of invoices, etc.). In both cases, she carries out research and compiles the information of a commercial nature required for the management and development of the company’s business links with foreign countries (search for new customers or suppliers, market studies, research on regulations, customs tariffs, transport insurance, etc.). She can also represent the company at trade exhibitions and seize the opportunity to establish business contacts and even negotiate advantageous agreements on site.