Laboratory Technician in Biology

How working as a research technician can bolster your scientific career

The laboratory technician assists a research and development engineer or teacher. He/she performs biological analyzes, control tests, preparation of experiments.The laboratory technician is responsible for the smooth running of a product, whether it is a new drug or of a new yogurt, for example.Whatever the product considered, his development requires many manipulations: physicochemical and microbiological analyzes must be carried out to ensure that the product meets standards, control the acidity and texture… In short, analyze the product at each stage of his manufacture. This is the mission of the laboratory technician, who must also ensure the maintenance of devices and the development of protocols. The laboratory technician works mainly in pharmaceutical or cosmetic companies, medical biology laboratories and agrifood companies. national education also recruits laboratory technicians to assist professors of scientific disciplines in carrying out practical work (setting up experiments, preparing scientific or specialty material). They work primarily in CPGEs or senior technician sections.