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the qualities and skills required to work as an audiovisual producer.

The audiovisual producer profession is part of the Audiovisual field, and here is the profession of audiovisual producer. While all the tasks are the same, there are variations from one sector to another.

The producer is the one who assumes the making of a film from its conception to its distribution. Two aspects to its function: financial and content. A producer can be employed by a production company or a television station. He can also be an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, he assumes the financing of the films, bears the financial risks and is responsible for the performance guarantee, which is a legal responsibility under French law. The different aspects: The producer welcomes the projects proposed by the authors and / or directors.

He can also be at the origin of the project. The producer will have a budget calculated, establish or have the various contracts necessary, collect the necessary funds for the completion of the project. He will implement the manufacturing and participate in the constitution of the teams, which supposes that he masters the various elements of the whole. He has the editorial and financial responsibility of the film until its completion and its delivery to the television channels. He also ensures the implementation of the marketing of the film, its promotion and communication.