Mechanical Engineer

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The mechanical engineer or mechanical engineer ensures the design of a mechanical assembly as well as the follow-up of its realization. He is responsible for manufacturing a prototype and developing new products for the company, most often within a design office. He also manages the production of this product from A to Z. Responsible for manufacturing, he advises the company and customers and assesses the risks and techniques used for its development. Finally, he supervises the installation and the penetration of the product on the market, as well as its maintenance.The mechanical engineer can collaborate with many useful and complementary professions such as designers or marketers, he ensures the technical aspect and operation. of the product. It is a job under high responsibility with projects that can be large.Finally, he can also work in the construction sector, in the automobile, biomechanics, shipbuilding, aerospace and aeronautics, railways, mechanics and metallurgy, robotics, textile machinery, etc.