Microbiology Technologist


Medical Microbiology - Johns Hopkins Department of Pathology

Person who performs, in the laboratory, biological analyzes in order to identify the micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.) present in all types of living organisms, to know their tissues, secretions and waste , to study their action on human, animal or plant tissues, and to develop processes to curb the harmful effects and take advantage of their useful effects. She first takes samples to find the microorganisms that are present in the environment (water, soil, plants, animals), then she takes care of testing or manufacturing drugs (vaccines, antibiotics, serums) or products intended to eliminate pathological microorganisms or to control their action on animals and plants and, finally, it writes the reports of experiments. It can participate in the research work of specialists in a particular field of application (medical environment, pharmaceutical industry, agriculture, food industry, zoology, marine biology, etc.). It may also be called upon to direct operational programs, such as production in fish farming, in greenhouses or animal breeding farms.