Model Workers: Labor Activism Comes to Fashion Modeling | GQ

The modeling profession can be practiced on a permanent, frequent or occasional basis.

The activity is accessible from the age of 16 under cover of having a medical certificate. Fitting sessions at a haute couture or ready-to-wear designer, fashion shows, photo shoots for the press or catalogs, filming advertising … In this profession, being able to organize your schedule and negotiate a contract is just as important as maintaining your plastic. For the vast majority of models, working conditions have only a distant relation with those of the top models who make the covers of magazines: putting together their “book”, showing up in agencies, avoiding scams and running the castings to be selected make up the daily life of the aspiring model. contracts involve heavy and staggered hours, a rigorous lifestyle, great physical and nervous resistance, patience and perseverance. Along with physical assets, a solid personality and motivation are therefore essential. The life of a model is therefore rarely a long calm river, especially as the competition is fierce.