How Naturopathy Can Be a Beneficial Complement to Women's Health Care -  Exhale Lifestyle

The naturopath understands the person as a whole. He strives to provide healthy lifestyle advice to breathe better, sleep better, eat better, and feel “better about yourself”. First, the naturopath conducts a detailed study of the person’s lifestyle. What are their eating habits? Does she exercise physical activity? Is she having trouble sleeping? He also learns about his professional and family history. Does she have any concerns? Is she going through a bad patch? Is she anxious or stressed out? What is his medical history? Isn’t his role to make a medical diagnosis but rather to draw up a health assessment … At the end of this analysis, he draws up a “vitality assessment” and suggests personalized actions to be implemented in order to have better hygiene or quality of life, to correct certain dysfunctions that affect well-being. The range of this advice can be very wide and covers many areas: detox or revitalization cure, bio-nutrition & bio dietetics, physical or respiratory exercises, hydrology, herbal medicine, phytology, aromatherapy, stress management techniques, light therapy. , natural nutritional supplements, natural medicines … In addition to knowledge in all these fields, the profession of naturopath requires qualities of listening, patience, pedagogy and a great psychology. In any case, the naturopath does not replace a health professional. Its action is complementary and aims through natural methods, prevention techniques and education to provide the person who consults a better overall quality of life. Naturopaths are most often self-employed in their own practice or remotely. He can also work in a specialized structure in collaboration with other health or fitness professionals (clinic, thalassotherapy center, organic stores, fitness or fitness center, food supplement manufacturer, etc.) or insure corporate events. While the profession of naturopath is tending to develop (1,500 registered professionals), it has not yet received any recognition.