Occupational Health Nurse

How to Become an Occupational Health Nurse - College Learners

The occupational health nurse performs his duties under the authority of the human resources manager of the company or hospital and in cooperation with the occupational physician according to protocols drawn up jointly. emergency care necessary care, emergency or otherwise, following an accident or illness in the workplace and monitoring of treatment carrying out nursing interviews established according to a protocol carried out in cooperation with the doctor implementing the project nurse in the sense of the doctor’s annual plan the assistance of the occupational physician during medical examinations (additional examinations, providing information collected in the field or during preliminary interviews) assistance in carrying out the company sheet studies ergonomics and proposals for solutions to improve working conditions organization of training, prevention and education actions: advice on health and health prevention individual (tobacco, alcohol, drugs, etc.) supervision of nursing students administrative management of the service maintenance of professional relations with public bodies (COTOREP, CARSAT, CPAM, AGEFIPH, ARACT) maintenance of professional relations with health services at work, occupational pathology hospital services and treating physicians