Organizer of Conventions and Special Events

Event Planner Job Description, Qualifications, Requirements and Career  Outlook

Person, generally employed by a hotel or a convention center, who ensures the organization and coordination of services during a convention, trade exhibition or major event, for the account of professional, social or other associations. To this end, she inquires about the parameters of the event (number of people expected, duration, budget allocated, etc.), shows potential clients the available conference or meeting facilities and discusses with them the menus, price, necessary equipment (audiovisual or other), layout of the premises, etc. She transmits the clients’ choices to the staff and departments concerned (choice of menus, reservations of rooms and equipment, particularities regarding the layout of the premises, etc.) and sees to the smooth running of activities, from arrival until ‘at the departure of the participants. She can also be responsible for setting up additional services and activities such as accommodation and transportation for participants, entertainment activities and catering.