Political Scientist

Political Scientists and the Military - War on the Rocks

Person specialized in political science who studies the political systems and institutions in place in order to better understand and be able to explain the phenomena relating to the exercise of power at all levels of government (federal, provincial, municipal) as well as on the international level. She analyzes, explains and comments on national or foreign political history and current affairs, identifies the issues and influencing factors (economic situation, social problems, public opinion, pressure groups, diplomatic relations, etc.) at the origin of events and political decisions and attempts to predict their consequences. She can devote herself to higher education, research and writing various publications (books, articles, research reports, etc.), or work in the field of public relations and journalism or in administration. to advise senior officials and managers on the strategies to be adopted and the decisions to be taken. She strives to analyze the facts in a rigorous and objective manner in order to be able to comment on them accurately.