Producer (Cinema, Radio, TV, Theater)

The Role of a Producer (And Why You Need One) | Vela Agency

Person who, from script to final cut, is responsible for the conception, planning, direction and production of motion pictures, radio broadcasts or television broadcasts, for the purpose of ensuring artistic and technical quality. She studies the project in order to decide on the treatment to give it (age and nature of the target audience, nature of the content: humor, information, culture, etc.), draws up a work plan, participates in the selection of actors and then directs them in rehearsal and during filming or recording, determines, with the other production managers (producer, musical director, sound engineer, etc.), the technical needs (sets, costumes, music, lighting, shots, special effects, etc.) and sets up the team that will be responsible for each aspect of the production. It guides the design and production of the film or program and participates in all important artistic, material or technical decisions during production. She coordinates and approves the final cut.