How to Become a Clinical Psychologist |

Because he knows how to listen and observe individuals (alone or in a group), the psychologist detects behavioral disorders and adaptation problems, and seeks to resolve them. From recruiting an employee in a company to supporting patients in the hospital, he finds its place in many sectors of activity. In a hospital or a specialized center, the clinical psychologist meets both young people and adults. Thanks to his attentive listening and various techniques, he helps them to preserve or regain their well-being and a certain quality of life. He does not hesitate to take tests and draw up reports. With a specialization in work psychology, he can work in the human resources department of a company. He defines recruitment procedures and draws up staff training plans. He may also be called upon to resolve internal conflicts. Psycho-sociologist, he designs opinion studies on behalf of polling institutes, or carries out market studies commissioned by the marketing departments of companies.