Public Health Doctor

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A public health doctor no longer practices medicine on an individual scale but rather large-scale medicine: that of a population! To explain the public health process to a doctor, the simplest (but not the more exact!) is perhaps to compare it to the clinical medicine approach, but with specific methods: “prevention” by anticipating public health problems (for example by carrying out an assessment of the impact on health of the patient). ‘a program) “diagnosis” by highlighting a public health problem (by epidemiology for example); “treatment” by the implementation of interventions, public health policies; “surveillance” by the follow-up of the actions put in place. This is of course a very simplistic explanation, public health is too rich a discipline to be reduced to this simple process. But this explanation has the advantage of being easy to assimilate when you leave the clerkship! One of the strengths of public health is its multidisciplinary nature.Indeed, during his internship the internal public health will be formed in different areas such as: Prevention and health promotion, health education International health, global health Epidemiological and clinical research, biostatistics Medical information, bioinformatics and e-health Economics and management of health systems, health policies, organization of care, management health establishments Management of quality and safety of care Environment and health Human and social sciences applied to health, health law, medical ethics etc. Thanks to this knowledge acquired in these various disciplines associated with his medical knowledge, the health doctor public acquires a global vision of health allowing it to work in collaboration with all the professi onnels working to improve the health of populations by playing the role of interface.