Public Health Doctor

A public health doctor no longer practices medicine on an individual scale but medicine on a large scale: that of a population! To explain the public health process to a doctor, the simplest (but not the most exact!) Person who, as a specialized health professional, implements and manages community health programs as well as health services and measures. preventive, curative and rehabilitative intervention aimed at the health needs of a defined population. To this end, she analyzes the health needs at the level of a group or a community, studies risky situations (presence of communicable diseases, various sources of contamination, etc.), sets up programs or strategies for preventing or eliminating potential threats to public health, evaluates the effectiveness of intervention programs, contributes to the formulation of various public health policies. She acts as a consultant to the general public, to the health and social services network. She can also do research or teaching and write scientific reports or articles in specialized journals.