School Director

Model School Network

Person who plans, coordinates and supervises the educational and administrative activities as well as the work of the staff of a school (teachers and others), in order to ensure its proper functioning, the quality of the teaching given there and the fulfillment of her  educational mission. In collaboration with the teachers, she evaluates the educational project, makes the appropriate changes and adopts the necessary measures to ensure its implementation. She also chooses textbooks and teaching materials, taking care to verify that they comply with the pedagogical regimes and the standards of the Ministry of Education. She is also responsible for establishing intervention plans adapted to the needs of students with disabilities, learning difficulties or adaptation, and ensuring that they are applied and evaluated periodically. She is responsible for informing the staff, in writing or at meetings she calls for this purpose, of any change in the environment and to assign the necessary staff to the tasks required so that everyone can collaborate and work. in view of the objectives set.