Telecommunications Technician

Telecommunications Technician Job Description

The telecommunications technician is a professional familiar with telecommunications systems, specializing in equipment such as telephones, faxes, switchboards and even networks. His job is to perform essential tests and adjustments, install telecommunications equipment on site or in the workshop, ensure the cabling and then manage control and test operations. The telecommunications technician takes care of network and telecommunications installations.

Ensures the maintenance of corporate networks and telecommunications systems. His missions are carried out in a field of activity extremely requested and relate to the construction of equipment, the installation and the maintenance of a network (cables , routers), quality control of hardware components, testing and authentication of optical fibers or wireless networks, fault simulations and troubleshooting of malfunctions.

The telecommunications technician is responsible for drafting technical reports (measurement record, adjustments, possible modifications) after installation and then initiates users in handling the equipment.

The telecommunications technician is responsible for installing the equipment. He manages the technical documentation available, examines the layout diagrams and lists the measuring devices and tools. He technically assists the assembly team, tests operations after switching on various phases of use. The implementation of network and telecommunications systems in companies, and the development and installation revenue for networks and telecommunications are its responsibility. As well as updating equipment and monitoring / controlling the various operations of the systems set up.