The psychoanalyst

The psychoanalyst refers to a therapist whose objective is to treat his patients using the psychoanalytic method invented by Sigmund Freud at the beginning of the 20th century. The object of psychoanalysis is the in-depth study of the psychological functioning of a person. The role of the psychoanalyst is to listen to the patient, to analyze his speech in order to understand its progress. The patient’s personal history, his memories, his dreams and his emotions constitute the material from which the work of the patient is carried out. The psychoanalyst must know how to wait, be silent and, when the time comes, give the appropriate interpretation and free the patient from his tensions. At times he deems appropriate, he gives the patient a minimum of explanations about his case as well as the objectives and means of treatment. Psychoanalysis is therefore established on the basis of a person-to-person relationship. It is carried out according to rules established between the patient and the therapist who decides on the frequency of the meetings, their duration as well as the tariff applied to these sessions. The circulation of money constitutes one of the important parameters of psychoanalysis. must show great maturity. He must also have a broad culture of human sciences, philosophy, literature, history and linguistics … He must have personally carried out an analysis of several years. The psychoanalyst can specialize and care for specific audiences such as children. He then uses other modes of expression such as drawing, modeling or play. Hypnosis and psychodrama are also part of the techniques that he is likely to use. The psychoanalyst exercises within the framework of a private cabinet. But most of them have a mixed activity, associating the liberal exercise and the practice in institution. They also work as employees or as temporary contractors in structures such as CMPP (medico-psycho-pedagogical centers), IMP (medico-pedagogical institutes). Some psychoanalysts with medical training practice full time in hospitals.