University Professor

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The university professor is a teacher-researcher. His / her mission is to teach, guide and advise the students. At the same time, he / she supervises a research team within the framework of his / her discipline.Whether he is a specialist in medieval history, contemporary literature, computer science, life sciences or other, the university professor intervenes in a field. He provides around 4 hours per week of lectures (or 128 hours per year) to undergraduate, master’s or doctorate students. He also supervises tutorials (192 hours per year). The university professor is fully responsible for his teaching and free to determine his content. His reduced course hours allow him to fulfill his main mission, fundamental or applied research, which can take many forms: monitoring the work of doctoral students, management and animation of a research laboratory, publication of articles and research. ‘books, development of programs… In addition, he participates in examination boards, thesis or competition, and contributes to the development of other categories of teachers. Indeed, he must regularly write an activity report on his research and teaching assignments. The university professor teaches at the university, but also in the INSPE, engineering schools or higher normal schools. In all cases, intellectual rigor, fluency in speech and the ability to lead a team are essential qualities.