The world has changed. What does that mean for veterinary medicine?

The veterinarian is a specialist in veterinary medicine and animal surgery.In addition to maintaining animals in good health and in the best conditions to fulfill their production functions, the role of veterinarians is important with regard to human health: both to control diseases transmissible to humans directly or indirectly (zoonoses) which can be dangerous, such as rabies, tuberculosis, avian influenza or bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), and to ensure the health control of products animals that enter into human consumption. They were the pioneers and remain specialists in the hygiene of animal or animal products (meat, milk, eggs, honey, etc.), and hence in food safety. The current veterinarian is therefore a multidisciplinary practitioner. Its activity includes animal care, advice to owners, prescription of drugs, medical monitoring, general or specialized medicine, food monitoring, farm monitoring, herd management, rural, urban or mixed.