How to Become a Zoologist or Wildlife Biologist in Alaska

The zoologist is a specialist in animals, their organism and their lifestyles. He is often an expert on a class of animals (mammals, reptiles …) or a behavior (reproduction, food …). In general, he is also a teacher-researcher. The zoologist works at the crossroads of several sectors and disciplines: agriculture, environment, aquaculture, ecology, comparative anatomy … Whether he draws up an inventory of the fauna of a given territory or ‘he proceeds to the census of various species, the zoologist works first in the field, then in the laboratory. The zoologist observes the animals in their ecosystem, analyzes their relations with the environment, their behavior, their nutrition. He participates in projects to protect one or more species, possibly alerting public authorities to the danger of animal extinction. He sometimes captures specimens to study them in the laboratory or film them. In the laboratory, the zoologist performs experiments new substances intended for the pharmaceutical industry, feeds and maintains computerized databases, creates directories and writes reports to feed scientific publications.In a zoological park, the zoologist has an important information role with the public. For museums, he writes educational documents. The zoologist never works alone, but always within a team of specialists close to his discipline: veterinarians, chemists, forest engineers, botanists …