Why become an actuary?

The actuary is involved upstream of the design of insurance contracts. He participates in their development, particularly on the technical level, defines the rules and pricing scale and their profitability. The actuary also plays a major role in the decision to accept a contract, share the risk in co-insurance or reinsure the risk with another insurance company. His expertise is also requested by banks and companies in the field of finance.Methodical, synthetic and precise, he negotiates these various procedures with study managers, brokers, general agents and partners of competing companies. financial management of contributions placed in savings. He researches and centralizes data, prepares and presents the results of analyzes in the form of tables, scales, formulas. The actuary most often works at the head office of an insurance company, with trips to the operating networks. Most of the activities based on calculations involve the use of the most specialized computer tools and software. In addition to these technical activities, the actuary has managerial responsibilities. The organization of his work is carried out independently. He operates in insurance companies, pension and provident funds, brokerage firms, financial institutions, economic research departments of banks and large corporations.