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Document Management Technician

Person who, in various environments, particularly in institutions, designs and implements classification systems for administrative documents, with a view to facilitating their location and consultation, and who establishes a retention schedule according to their value. She analyzes needs, evaluates the effectiveness of existing systems, makes a summary

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The archivist profession is part of the Administrative domain. Responsible for collecting archives, but also their study and restoration, the archivist has an important role in the conservation of documents.The documents to be archived can be from different sources such as manuscripts medieval or even letters of nobility, or the notarial deed of purchase

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The actuary is involved upstream of the design of insurance contracts. He participates in their development, particularly on the technical level, defines the rules and pricing scale and their profitability. The actuary also plays a major role in the decision to accept a contract, share the risk in co-insurance or reinsure the risk with another insurance

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