Administrative Assistant

What does an administrative assistant do? | Ōnin Staffing

Receiving telephone calls or greeting the public, sorting and classifying files, managing the departures and arrivals of mail, entering data … these are some of the missions that can be entrusted to an administrative assistant. Overall, this official is responsible for performing administrative tasks, such as secretarial work or accounting in a public establishment. Depending on his place of work, he can also work in direct relation with the public. At the children’s department of a town hall or at registrations in a prefecture, for example, he welcomes and informs users. In a city, in the service of general affairs-civil status-elections, for example, he will be responsible for publishing and drawing up marriage certificates, monitoring the registrations of applications for a French national identity card, etc. In direct contact with his department, the deputy can have broader responsibilities and play the role of assistant or executive secretary. The nature of his work depends greatly on his assignment.The job of administrative assistant is accessible after obtaining the category C competition, which is not subject to any age or diploma condition. She is also accessible on file, by direct recruitment or by apprenticeship for 16-25 year olds via Pôle emploi.