What is the difference between a barber and a hairdresser?

The male or female hairdresser must have imagination, a sense of shapes, colors and harmony.Visagist with a practiced eye, he can therefore advise in the choice of a hairstyle, or even a hair treatment. In addition to easy contact, the job requires patience, listening and calm vis-à-vis customers to satisfy and retain them. Hairdressing is a profession where one is most often standing. The pace of work is variable with periods of “rush” (end of the day, weekends and holiday periods …) The diagnosis of the hair is essential to observe and determine the needs of the customer and possibly sell him products. The hairdresser works as an employee in an independent or franchised hairdressing salon or at home. He is also a trader who sells hair products and accessories. On his own account as a craftsman, he must take care of orders, accounting, the management tool of the hairdressing salon and the recruitment of staff. it employs collaborators.