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Hairdresser Stylist

Person who creates custom styled hairstyles that are in harmony with the morphological structure of the face, the figure, the personality and the dress style of his clients, while considering the natural characteristics of their hair. To do this, she discusses their expectations with her clients and analyzes their physical features to determine which

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The male or female hairdresser must have imagination, a sense of shapes, colors and harmony.Visagist with a practiced eye, he can therefore advise in the choice of a hairstyle, or even a hair treatment. In addition to easy contact, the job requires patience, listening and calm vis-à-vis customers to satisfy and retain them. Hairdressing is a profession where

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The beautician profession is part of the Beauty field. Nowadays, beauty, youth and well-being are rising values ​​and many have recourse to the services of a beautician. This profession related to aesthetic care of the face, body and various cosmetics is mainly carried out by women. The esthetician (ne) practices waxing, treatments, massages, ensures the

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