Director of Photography

What Does a Director of Photography Do?

On the set of a film, the director of photography, also called the cinematographer, designs the lighting and organizes the shots. He defines the movements of the camera, so as to meet the director’s expectations in terms of atmosphere and particular effects. He makes the technical choices and coordinates the work of the technical team dedicated to the image.After a career as a cameraman and assistant, the director of photography takes charge of all aspects of the image during a shoot. movie, commercial or television program. He reads the script or the conductor, which outlines the film or the show. Then he notes whether the scene is shot day or night, indoors or outdoors … These elements allow him to select the viewing angles, cameras, lenses, film or even lighting. With the director, he thus defines the shooting plan and the cutting of the film. During filming, he directs assistant operators, cameramen, electricians and machinists. Finally, he intervenes to modify the lighting according to unforeseen material constraints.