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Director of Photography

On the set of a film, the director of photography, also called the cinematographer, designs the lighting and organizes the shots. He defines the movements of the camera, so as to meet the director's expectations in terms of atmosphere and particular effects. He makes the technical choices and coordinates the work of the technical team dedicated to the

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Director of Distribution

The job of director of distribution is part of the field of Distribution. The profession of director of distribution consists in implementing and ensuring the coordination of the commercial policy of the company in which he / she exercises his professional activity. Thus, she participates in the development of the activity, and the performance of the company

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Assistant Director

Person who, in close collaboration with the director and the stage manager, performs various technical tasks relating to the preparation and production of a film or a television program. As part of her duties, she attends production meetings, reserves rehearsal rooms and studios and prepares the detailed list of required equipment (sets, costumes, props,

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