The tailoring profession is part of the Crafts sector.

Premium Photo | African-american dressmaker in light clothing sews clothes on a sewing machine

The tailoring profession consists of creating all kinds of clothes. He is responsible for designing new models, mending torn clothes, resizing clothes that are too large … All the interventions that he performs can be done by hand or with a sewing machine. Generally, the couturier only makes tailor-made clothing. He analyzes the needs of the client and is based on the indications of this one in order to design a model which really suits him. To do this, he enters the client’s measurements, draws a pattern, sews the fabrics, tries on and makes the final touch-ups. As part of a simple retouch, the designer works from an already existing model. It fills in the holes or reduces the size of the garment to suit the customer. The couturier can perfectly well belong to a dressmaker’s workshop or work on his own. His working hours depend mainly on the volume of orders. Touch-ups only take a few minutes or hours. However, designing a new model can take days.