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Workshop carpenter helper

Person who assists a shop carpenter in his work by performing simple tasks of fabricating and repairing timber construction elements. She chooses the pieces of wood, cuts them and sands them; she helps take measurements and participates in various other jobs. It must also supply woodworking machines, transport materials and tools to the work station and

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Chocolate maker

The chocolatier profession is part of the Crafts sector. The chocolatier is above all an artist. It is his creations that make him famous. Close competition from the chocolate industries, the chocolate maker must have a certain talent and must choose quality products. He manages the production of his chocolates in its entirety: from the

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The tailoring profession is part of the Crafts sector. The tailoring profession consists of creating all kinds of clothes. He is responsible for designing new models, mending torn clothes, resizing clothes that are too large ... All the interventions that he performs can be done by hand or with a sewing machine. Generally, the couturier only makes

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